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Mike Blank is an awarded international travel photographer and transformative coach. His photography has been published in various books and magazines. He has also written a travel photography guide for the country of Myanmar that is titled Mystical Myanmar. Mike is an adventurer and explorer who usually takes the road less traveled by first and then asks questions later. He loves life on the edge and is willing to do whatever it takes to capture a one-of-a-kind image. Including: riding bull elephants in northern Thailand, traversing the steaming lava flows on the big island of Hawaii, exploring the ruins of centuries old temples on the dry plains of Myanmar, and canoeing across the remote mountain lakes of British Columbia. Instead of taking a typical snapshot of a place, Mike believes that his work is about having an authentic experience in each area he travels to.  Consequently, each one of his photographs is unique and has an interesting story to tell.

"Pura Vida" - A Costa Rican greeting between friends that means live the pure life. After hearing this for the first time in that exotic Central American country, I realized my Latin friends greeted me with a mantra I try to live my life by. While traveling to exotic corners of the earth and meeting uniquely interesting people, my goal is to look past the facade of being a foreigner or tourist and instead see this beautiful world through the eyes of an indigenous local. I'm continually amazed to find such beauty in the differences between the culture I know and new ones, which at first, seem so alien to me. Along my travels, I have found that we are all more alike than different. Ultimately, each journey has and end and it's sad to leave new found friends but I'm always enriched by the experience and seem to be blessed with a deeper understanding of myself and life on this beautiful planet Earth. My travels have given me a great sense of connectedness with the world and people I meet. This sense of oneness that I have been blessed to experience is what I try to tap into when creating each photograph.

I hope you will find inspiration and a spark of adventure in the images I have created.          

                                                                                                                    - Mike Blank

For questions about customized sizes, Signed Limited Edition prints or for licensing requests contact Jumping Borders Photography at:

Phone: 407.595.0144

Email: mikeblankmail@gmail.com

Mike's alterego "the Real Estate Whisperer" can be seen here:  Orlando New Home Experts

Mike Blank

Mike Blank

in Bagan, Myanmar

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